About Us
About Us
Company Introduction

Shenzhen Lucky Clothing Accessories Co., Ltd. was established in 2008. It has been focusing on the production and sales of accessories for clothing, shoes, hats, and bags for many years. It can meet the needs of one-stop and global procurement of various brands and factories

Main business

1. Ordinary plastics: PE PP CPE PO PPE and composite materials;

2. Environmentally friendly degradable bags: GRS-Recycle recycled environmental protection bags; PLA+PBAT fully biodegradable bags, BDP bioanaerobic degradation materials, D2W biophotooxygen degradation materials;

3. High-end listings, trademarks (marks);

4. Logistics packaging series: express bubble bags, non-woven dustproof bags...

Company Development History

Company development history:
1. The Shenzhen company was established in 2008;
2. The Hong Kong branch was established in 2015;
3. A new factory was opened in Chiang Mai, Thailand in 2018;
4. A new factory was opened in Binh Duong, Vietnam in 2019

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Company Development History
customer service

In order to serve customers more comprehensively, we can currently support domestic, Hong Kong, Thailand, and Vietnam barrier-free delivery.

customer service
corporate culture
corporate culture

Embrace changes and be brave in innovation

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Survive by quality, promote development by reputation

Survival by quality and development by reputation